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Below are some links to self help documents which should explain how to use most of the new modules in TRON.

If you receive any error messages could you please contact John while you still have the message on the screen so he can address the issue.

                Accounts Payable Bulk Invoice Loading
                Accounts Payable Document Management
                Accounts Payable Invoice Credit Entry
                Accounts Payable Master File Query
                Accounts Payable Transaction Query

                Accounts Receivable Master File Query
                Accounts Receivable Receipt Posting

                General Ledger Cash Payment
                General Ledger Cash Receipt

                Job Journal
                Job Master
                Job Master Report
                Job Percent Complete
                Job Transaction Query
                Payroll Master File
                Payroll Payslip Entry
                Payroll Timesheet Entry

                Purchase Order Invoice Receival
                Purchase Order Master
                Purchase Order Query
                System Email Forwarding
                System Fax Forwarding

                TRON Cost Codes
                TRON Overview

If you require any assistance please call John 257 or Lloyd 227