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Industrial Relations


The Management of Dawsons recognise that the results achieved by the Company can only be as a result of the efforts of personnel employed by us.

As such, we understand the need to provide and continue to develop an environment where the individual skills of our employees are enhanced, where they’re individual beliefs are protected and where they participate in a co-operative manner to maintain and improve our work and social conditions.

We also recognise and accept that, as a minimum, our obligations are to apply and comply with Awards and Agreements that pertain to the specific calling or site.

Every effort will be expended to ensure that employees need only to rely on the safety net of Award conditions in extremely unusual circumstances.

Every manager and supervisor within the organisation is charged with developing their employees and providing an environment, which caters for the changing expectations of the community.

On the 25th of October 2007 the Group Companies and the Employee's lodged the first Employee Collective Agreements with the Australian Government Workplace Authority.


Employee Enterprise Agreements

AG2021/6172  Dawsons Engineering Order to use DMC Enterprise Agreement 2018 below

AG2018/4807  Dawsons Maintenance Contractors Enterprise Agreement 2018

AG2012/8624  Dawsons Maintenance Contractors BHP Olympic Dam Site Specific Enterprise Agreement 2013

AG2013/328    Dawsons Mine Maintenance Enterprise Agreement 2013

AG2013/1443  Woodfield Engineering Employee Enterprise Agreement 2013


Workplace Gender Equality Agency

60137249739        Dawsons Holdings WGEA Notice of Compliance

m0rifyb8jo             Dawsons Holdings WGEA Public Report


Industrial Relations and Human Resource Policies (Located in TRON under Documents tab)

IRPO_001    Industrial Relations Policy

IRPO_002    Diversity Policy

IRPO_003    Company Privileges Policy

IRPO_004    No Smoking Policy

IRPO_005    Personal Mobile Phone Policy

IRPO_006    Code of Conduct

IRPO_007    Indigenous Employment Policy

HRP2-6       Use of Company E-mail and Internet Policy

SPO_002     Refusal to Do Unsafe WorkPolicy

SPO_003     Drug and Alcohol Policy

SPO_004     Workplace Rehabilitation Policy

TPO_16.3    Access and Equity Policy

TPO_16.6    Privacy Policy


Industrial Relations and Human Resource Procedures (Located in TRON under Documents tab)

HRP2-1 Organisational Chart

HRP2-2 Position Descriptions

HRP2-4 Discipline Policy and Procedure

HRP2-5 Workers Compensation (WorkCover) Procedure

HRP2-6 Use of Company E-mail and Internet Procedure

HRP2-7 Salary Sacrifice Procedure

HRP2-8 Harassment and Bullying Policy and Procedure


Employee Collective Agreements Notifications

073679364 Dawsons Maintenance Contractors Fairness Test 30/09/2008

073679728 Woodfields Engineering Fairness Test 01/10/2008

073679728 Woodfields Engineering Fairness Test Approval 09/10/2008

Group Staff Leave Schedule

Leave Schedule

Modern National Awards

MA000010   Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award 2020

MA000011   Mining Industry Award 2020

MA000020   Building and Construction General On-Site Award 2020

MA000065   Professional Employees Award 2020

MA000002   Clerks - Private Sector Award 2020

MA000075   Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Award 2020