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Dawsons Engineering Details

Dawsons Group of Companies Intranet Service is designed to provide easy access to information and documents within our Integrated Management System for all day to day activities of the company. This home page is a great avenue to keep us all up to date with news and events from through-out the business.

If you have any suggestions or additional information requirements please e-mail:

Communication Meeting

A communication meeting is held every Monday in the Cairns board room to provide updates on what is happening in everyone's week coming up and to collect good news stories from the week before.

All Division/Department Heads, Accounting, Labour Hire, Safety and Quality Staff are invited, welcome and encouraged to attend. (If you can't attend could you please e-mail Mark Kerridge details to be read out at the meeting)

Date of Meeting: Monday 24/08/2021
Meeting Organiser: Mark Kerridge (MK)
Attendees & (initials): Sharon Dawson (SRD), Damien Girgenti (DG), Mark Kerridge (MK), Brian Morton (BM), Shaun Hanley (SH), Brendan Rolt (BR), Chantal Perkins (CP), Nathan Weiss (NW).
Apologies: Lloyd Everist (LE), John Sainsbury (JS), Brad Whitbourne (BW), Anthony Whitfield (AW), Chris Johnstone (CJ), Lex Stanley (LS), Steve Dawson (SD), Cameron Loudon (CL), Andy Walters (AW), John Lorenz (JL), Blake Babarovich (BB)
Good News Stories: - #4 Converter $1.3mill Mt. Isa - Chris Johnstone.
- Gladstone job - finished 2 weeks early. Andy Morgan - stand out.
- Supply of labour to BMA - well facilitated by the Labour Hire dept.

Dept Raised By Update
Safety Mark Kerridge Incidents:
- Crushed thumb in punch & shears - Mt. Isa - MTI
- FB in R eye - Phosphate Hill - Report Only
- Infection requiring evac from site - New Century - NWR

- Incident Reporting needs to improve to align with our requirements - if in doubt, contact me.

For Focus:
- Importance & benefits of JSEA toolbox.
- Organise CS rescue training in prep for Sept & Oct with Anthony.
- Resource Management IMS.
- Finalise HSEQ objectives & targets - planning.
- Work Cover.
- Safety committee on Friday.
- Phosphate Hill Contract Review Meeting Thursday
- Annual leave Monday for 3 weeks.

- Roll 12 mth TRIFR = 14.81
- Roll 12 mth LTIFR = 3.17
- Roll 12 mth AIFR = 61.35

Confined Space Rescue:
- Finished up at NAVY

- Back at NAVY end of September / start of October.

- Quoted 3 weeks worth of Reservoir Inspections - various engineering orgs for CRC. Presumably GHD will win the tender.

Training Manager Anthony Whitfield Training Courses:
- WAH x2
- CS x2
- CS & Gas Testing X 1
- First Aid X 1

- HRWL Dogging course rescheduled to 2nd Sep for Assessor availability.

- Jet Aviation (First Aid/CPR)
- Cook Shire (S123)
- New Century (Karumba) (CPR/First Aid)
- Cape Flattery Silica (Various)

Quote Follow Ups:
- QBuild, YASC, Cobham Aviation (plans changed due to covid border entry restrictions), CRC.
- Chris Campbell will kick off some gantry crane training at Phos Hill, exact date TBA but potentially late this week
- Talking with Harness Energy about CSR course for Mark K and team as well as for one of our trainers to do in Sep.

Employment Medical Service:
- Yvonne has some Groote medicals on. More in the pipeline.
Cairns Workshop Steve Dawson - Apologies.

Operations Shaun Hanley - Finished structural quote - spill trays and roller door to go. $11.3mill worth of fab.
- Finish off quote for Bully - GEMCO pipe.
- Reline schedules.

Finance John Sainsbury - Apologies
Estimation Brian Morton Quotes this week:
- Rubicon Design & Construct Brothers Leagues Club
- Mareeba Shire Council Reservoir Roof
- Mareeba Shire Council Elevated Water Truck Fill Point
- FGF Mareeba Landfill Capping Rehabilitation
- FGF Cutters Rise Subdivsion
- Mount Isa Mines PBSM Flux Tower & C2 Conveyor Replacement
- Mount Isa Mines OSA Pipework & Plalforms
- South 32 Cannington Mine Pipework
- FGF Kanimble Stage 24
- Gemco Rubber

Other Priorities:
- Tonkins add new steel pricing updates in to Tron
- Reviewing of Tender information that is relevant for further distribution to key stakeholders.

Project Manager Brendan Rolt - PVC piping job going well
- Pipeline on Mulgrave Road
- Shutdown at Machans Beach sewerage plant.
- Daintree water reservoir ladders.
- Daintree Ferry
- Skardon River.
- Leaking pipe repair at Mossman WTP
- GHD quote.

Project Management Glenn Atkins
- Finalising paperwork requirements to travel to PNG
Fleet Maintenance Manager Nathan Weiss

Diesel Shed
- 10 yearly on blue scissor lift.
- Start on Halls job - excavator undercarriage.
- Flat tyre on Maroon land cruiser.
- Regular servicing requirements

Asbestos, Construction & Demolition Blake Babarovich

- Aplogies.

- Nil.

Required Labour:
- Nil.
Mt Isa Manager Chris Johnstone - Apologies.
CEO Sharon Dawson - Here this week Mon - Thurs.
- Focus on reviewing rates.
- Follow up with NCR.

Chief Operating Officer Lloyd Everist - Traineeship management.
- New FY planning.
- Greenbank Rd. development.
- Phosphate Hill client management.

General Manager Damien Girgenti - Here all week.
- Reline quotes - Osborne & Gunpowder.
- Reliners finished at Eloise.

Labour Hire Chantal Perkins Priorities:
- Lab techs Dugald & NCR
- GEMCO flies Wednesday.
- Ernest Henry underground shut coming up
- BMA Goonyella - finalising mobilisation requirements.
- Backfill at NCR.
- Cannington Underground labour.
- Mt. Rawdon maintenance crew
- Phosphate Hill shutdown crew list for October shutdown.
- Finalised Clean Co electricians.
- Dugald 4x Fitters out of Mt. Isa.


Townsville Brad Whitbourne
TSV Regional Manager
- Apologies.
Kenny Wells and Peter Washington
Townsville Workshop
- Apologies

Joel Fleming
Project Manager
- Apologies

Peter Chatfield Estimator - Apologies.

Nathan Tiley-Evans
- Apologies

Melody Vanderwesthuiz
Senior Labour Hire Coordinator
- Phosphate Hill - Ongoing/Permanent Positions
Courtney Griffin
Labour Hire Coordinator

- Apologies
Next Meeting:
Day / time / date          Monday 30/08/2021 at 10.00 am
Close of Meeting:
Day / time / date           Monday 23/08/2021 at 10.40 am
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